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Met one Alex Lennon last night (in the Pickerell, where else). He has his own personal www.embeddedsoftware.co.uk website and works for Organix in Cambridge.

He spotted I was reading Anthony Gottlieb’s “The Dream of Reason – a History of Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance” [QUOTE] Already a classic in its first year of publication, this landmark study of Western thought … supplant[s] all others, even the immensely successful History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. [UNQUOTE] says A. C. Grayling. (Gottlieb, executive editor of the Economist amongst other things, is penning a follow-up volume completing the story up to the present day.) Excellent so far, succinct, pithy and easy to read – on Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes, the pre-Socratics – looking forward to the rest of it.

What our discussion in the Pickerell did not reveal is that Alex has an inspiration, in common with me, in Robert Pirsig’s ZMM, revealed on his web site.

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