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An old friend Denise contacted me via a hit on my music photo gallery pages about 70’s London pub rock band “Scarecrow“. Interesting enough in itself, to reminisce about old London pub stomping grounds, but spookily, now she runs an interesting business in psychological career counselling (what, who, me ?). And she blogs. Echoes of the Russo piece on recognising your life’s work in being good at what you’re really interested in as opposed to the day job. Many a true word.

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  1. I was very interested in your photo’s of Scarecrow. My friend and I went to see Scarecrow many time for about 3/4 years The Thomas Beckett, Lord Palmeston, a pub in Kilburn lots I can’t remember now. There was Pete he was there roaddy (I think he was ex copper) I also saw Gary Moore play with them. We were all great friends of the band and went on tour to Holland with them I’m sure they will remember. Am trying to remember you we must have meet at one of there venues as we were at all of them. We had some great times and I have lots of photos from Holland and London venues great memories.

  2. Hi nJill (?),

    Had a few contacts from ex Scarecrow people recently. I updated my link above.

    The pub in Kilburn I can’t remember (other than being there only once), but I saw them many hundreds of times including the Becket and the Palmerston. I saw Gary Moore with them two or three times too, including an infamous night at the Western Counties in Paddington, and subsequently followed Gary with John Hiseman’s band too. The person to share your photos with is Charlie at Spilt Milk Records … he is still in touch with John, Dave and Bill, and recently heard that Clive had returned to the UK. (Link on my updated page).

  3. I saw Scarecrow many many times, mainly at either the Brecknock in Brecknock Road-now long gone-and the Windsor Castle in Harrow Road.
    To say that they were brilliant is an understatement!
    Have many happy memories of seeing them and some photos which I might be able to download one day
    Thanks for the site; nice to know that they’re not forgotten!

  4. Hi Brian,

    I knew two Brian’s in the Windsor Castle and Brecknock days ? We must know / recognize each other. Be good to exchange any photos we have.

    Take care.

  5. Ian
    Recently deleted all of the photo’s off the laptop but can scan them in again. My mate Simon-who was also there with me is making a compilation of the photo’s so may be able to send you one-don’t know when he’s going to get it finished though.
    They’re of the band at the Brecknock, but we were there when they recorded the album. I have two copies-one played to death and the other never played but was able to put the album onto cd so all is not lost as I don’t have a turntable any more!
    All the best

  6. I saw Scarecrow many times throughout the mid 70’s at the Brecknock, Lord Nelson and Wellington Archway Road. I have the famous LP from the Marquee Club, but it is nowhere near as good as I remember them liive. There were so many regular fans! I wonder what happened to Shirley H****er from Crouch End, who was always after Bill P?

  7. Hi Richard, I don’t recall the Wellington, but I think I do remember Shirley. (Agree about the album recording – in fact the Marquee gig was not that good I recall, they had too much extra kit for that unfamiliar venue and the balance was all wrong – should probably have recorded at a tried and tested venue.)

  8. No, I remember the they seemed to sound, and perform very differently that day from the usually expected pub gigs. That seems sound seems accentuated on the record?
    I wonder if it was a deliberate attempt to capture a particular type of sound, so as to impress a record rep and his/her requirements?
    I do remember gossip that a few would be there, and Scarecrow were always being accused of not being commercial enough for record companies tastes.

  9. Hi all, Clive here, I was the bass man with Scarecrow from the start and still remember the old days and some of you guys.It nice to see Scarecrow still lives on in memories. I live in Gibraltar not in the UK and still playing in blues bands and jamming, (loving it) I’m trying to make a photo ablum up of Scarecrow so if anyone has any old pics of the band or you guys as you were them would love to have copys. I’m on F/B and my e-mail is
    be nice to be in touch. clive.

  10. Hi Clive, I think I commented on your own web pages where I saw you were living and playing in Gibraltar – I should say “still” living in Gibraltar – I think we knew way back at the time you left the band you were going there to work in a casino ? Blogged a few references to Scarecrow over the years as well as the photos page – which actually includes a reference to your East Side Blues Band in Gibraltar. Apart from these performance photos already online – I have somewhere a set that Charlie shared with me, which includes more off-stage photos of you guys and fans / mates. I’ll need to dig them up.

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