On The Road

Bought Kerouac some time ago; as the seminal beat-generation road story, it seemed de-rigoeur to have read it, since it forms part of the backdrop to Pirsig. Anyway I’m well into it at last. (Thinking out loud – Plenty of parallels with Pirsig’s mid-west already, though Pirsig’s timing does not overlap – his back-packing days were before Kerouac, Kerouac’s on-the-road days were Pirsig’s given-up / middle-age period, and of course the ZMM trip itself was another 10 years later ? Massive tributes to Hemmingway. And lines from Hendrix songs, 10 years ahead of their time, so is this where Hendrix got the lines ? – too much confusion, kiss the sky, weird.)

Yesterday bought Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” and a mighty tome called “Zen and the Brain” by Dr James Austin – quite technical (and current apparently) in terms of brain physiology, as well “states of consciousness”, including those altered by meditation and/or drugs.

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