Lavery’s Evil Genius

Just read Lavery’s Evil Genius now in its entirety.

Looks unfinished (is that deliberate ?); ends with scene on 10th November 2004 (385th anniversary of Descartes’ birth). “I have set up a headquarters …” or is he (or she) just waiting for us all to join him (or her) there ? (Are the forward and back links either side of Nov 6th deliberately broken / ambiguous ? Stepping backwards through the pages follows a different thread to the forward links – Aha, have I missed a trick there ?)

Undisguised collection of quotations and original thoughts railing against Dualism. Pretty exhaustive collection of philosophical sources including plenty of post-modernists and AI / Sci-Fi writers. Many of my own favourites in there, Barfield obviously.

I won’t spoil the climax. Majoring on poetry as the purest form of knowledge, and god knows, but plenty of poets have arrived at mind-altering drugs before on this quest.

In fact Evil Genius is a blog – a series of diary pages, notebook pages and lengthier historical notes interwoven primarily chronologically, but with cross-links at the key points.

It’s advertised as an experiment, rather than say a “draft”. Gripping read for someone already into this subject – not sure if the narrative is intended to capture wider readership ?

OK David, what do you want us to do next ?

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