#geocentrism @IRaiseUFacts @LKrauss1

Larry Krauss has been tweeting about clips of him being inserted into a “documentary” about geocentrism, and as a result has posted a robust rebuttal on the Future Tense blog at The Slate. Obviously (as an atheist), I’m interested in this because I’ve quoted Krauss before remarking on a surprising apparent geocentrism in Cosmic Microwave … Continue reading “#geocentrism @IRaiseUFacts @LKrauss1”

140 Character Celebrity Name-Dropping Irony @jimalkhalili @lkrauss1 @profbriancox

Ironic that Jim Al Khalili, one day after posting a challenge to the tweeter who could explain the most complex / significant fundamental physical theory in 140 characters, resorted to a chain of 4 tweets merely to express his outrage and other tweeters suggesting “celebrity” was maybe a motive in large numbers of A-level students … Continue reading “140 Character Celebrity Name-Dropping Irony @jimalkhalili @lkrauss1 @profbriancox”

Race for Science @tiffanyjenkins @LKrauss1

Tiffany Jenkins writing in The Scotsman reviews the Edinburgh Fringe production of “HeLa“ by IronOxide. The controversy looks set to fester long after the Festival, with developments in genetic research and Opera Winfrey and HBO making a movie of Lack’s life story. The dominant narrative is of a poor black woman who was exploited by science, … Continue reading “Race for Science @tiffanyjenkins @LKrauss1”

Muslim Gender Segregation @LKrauss1

This has been banging around a few days, and today Larry tweeted the link to the story in the Telegraph. I think there is an important point being missed. Voluntary (culturally conditioned) segregation is different from enforced segregation, even if you do disagree with both. With the former, you can disagree, in fact it’s a … Continue reading “Muslim Gender Segregation @LKrauss1”

Krauss Falls Short of Nothing

Disappointed in finishing Krauss’ “A Universe From Nothing”. He makes some good points (see previous post) but nothing entirely new – quantum fluctuations, big bang, matter asymmetry, inflation, flatness, cosmological constant, CMBR distribution – and most of the newer stuff is very speculative. If this is new to you then he is a strongly recommended … Continue reading “Krauss Falls Short of Nothing”

Larry Krauss

I’m reading “A Universe From Nothing” following this post, and am 80% through already. Some quick notes summarising significant points he makes: Anthropic principles do warrant serious scientific consideration. (Despite the various “fine-tuning” questions, no updated mention of the CMBR correlation with earth’s orbit.) String theory(ies) are overblown in public consciousness well beyond their scientific … Continue reading “Larry Krauss”

The Cartoon History of Time

Hawking’s “Brief History of Time” (1988) is something I read back when it was first a best-seller – bought as a present for me by a parent or family friend IIRC – long before I discovered the research topic that became “Psybertron”. Sometime late 90’s not long before I did start here, we bought Kate … Continue reading “The Cartoon History of Time”

The Information Ontology Metaphysics

[Work in Progress – Draft will be edited without notification.] [Feedback appreciated on the “See / Refs” – where more are needed? Meantime all those indicated will be elaborated and worked into the text. And obviously on the intelligibility of the text so far. Drafting arose out of the “Three Essays” post, particularly “Algorithms for Humans” and … Continue reading “The Information Ontology Metaphysics”