David Chalmers Interview

Linked from David’s own Fragments of Consciousness blog is this Interview on Bloggingheads he did with John Horgan. A full hour and wide-ranging … from David’s roots in the Woodstock of Consciousness, via the “hard problem”, free will, pure (non-objective) concsiousness, blurring the science / philosophy boundary, to rational mysticism and peyote and LSD induced states of … Continue reading “David Chalmers Interview”

More on Psychedelics

One in a long line of holding posts for a link to the subject of psychedelics (Peyote, Mescaline, LSD, etc.) and their role in enlightenment and the study of consciousness. [Link via Ant at robertpirsig.org] [See also Timeline 1960, and Peyote, and Funghi.] This is a review of Albert Hofmann, who as creator of LSD … Continue reading “More on Psychedelics”

Science is Metaphor

Did Timothy Leary really say that (as Dave Pollard quotes) ? You learn something every day. Pretty much every linguistic representation or explanation of anything is metaphor at root, dead or alive, (Lakoff et al) , so no argument with the sentiment. Can I have some of what he’s having ? Maybe not, as Dave … Continue reading “Science is Metaphor”

Truth in Drugs

Recurring theme, here picked up from “Tripzine” by Corpus MMothra. One quote relevant to the Pirsig story [Timeline, 1960] – [Quote] I had experienced with psilocybin mushrooms, or LSD. [DXM] was more like, “Here it is, this is the truth, do whatever you want with it”. [Unquote] The full article ends with this [editor’s note: … Continue reading “Truth in Drugs”

Quantum Consciousness

I’m still working my way through Dr James Austin’s “Zen and the Brain”, and I’ve reached a section on anesthesia and other consciousness altering chemical effects. Actually, I took a break from Dr Austin, to read Voltaire’s Candide – short and sweet – humorous Swiftian-style satire on the “best of all possible worlds” view that … Continue reading “Quantum Consciousness”