Trump, the Cause of Forest Fire Carnage?

Is Trump right or isn’t he? As I say, even a fuckwit is right half the time, but the “cause” of forest fires isn’t a simply binary (political poll) question. Forest fires are natural, a natural part of the cycle of change that brings us evolution over time. The planet needs them. The reason we’re … Continue reading “Trump, the Cause of Forest Fire Carnage?”

Leaky Briefs – Trust In Confidence

The current story about the leak from the UK National Security Council (NSC) is important because it has nothing to do with Huawei (or Brexit, or Trump, or Climate change, or anything other than leaky security). People are thoroughly used to participants briefing leaks from “internal” meetings – all sides do it to fly their … Continue reading “Leaky Briefs – Trust In Confidence”

And Another Thing …

“Hold that thought” quickie post only … Autism – Greta Thunberg case adds to the list of scientism driven by autism. Previous example is Chris Packham, but it’s a general issue historically with scientism and autistic economics and politics. People who are proud of their autism – which is fine as individual differences and contributions … Continue reading “And Another Thing …”

Right Analysis, Wrong Conclusion?

This is a further follow-up to my Extinction Rebellion piece from yesterday, (which was itself a follow-up from a couple of days before) and to which I had already added many post notes live yesterday from social media. Things are moving very fast when it comes to climate change 😉 Loads of tweeters and media … Continue reading “Right Analysis, Wrong Conclusion?”

Down With This Sort of Thing

The environmental impact of Anthropogenic Climate Change is the biggest problem facing humanity, because it is the greatest consequence of humanity’s greatest failure. Our existential crisis. There is no Planet B. Don’t know about you, but until someone glued themselves to a DLR train this morning I’d never heard of global warming. — (((Dan Hodges))) … Continue reading “Down With This Sort of Thing”

Extinction Rebellion Backlash

I’ve held off writing anything specific about or against Extinction Rebellion (ER) and have made just one observation re Greta Thunberg (GT) – good luck to their consciousness raising efforts on climate change, I prefer to work with than against anyone. (Did also make an observation on meeting Rupert Read of ER last year.) “We … Continue reading “Extinction Rebellion Backlash”

Digital Physics, Life, The Universe & Everything

“Digital Physics” is a “retro-nerd” film whose central character Khatchig is a penniless and frustrated maths & computing student set in the 1980’s (I think). The film itself was released in 2016. It crossed my path on Twitter in March 2019 when a dialogue with Chris Papavasilou ( @ChrisPapavasili ) led me through some questions … Continue reading “Digital Physics, Life, The Universe & Everything”

Suffer the Little Children

We were living in Oslo when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and turned out to wish him well at the balcony of The Grand Hotel along with the rest of the crowds on Stortingata. At that time he’d written a hopeful book and won and election and he was clearly one of … Continue reading “Suffer the Little Children”