More Pearls of Wisdom

Shortly after I started blogging, I stopped to capture some references to / reviews of the few books I’d read that had made an impression before I’d started the psybertron research quest (see header). T. E. Lawrence “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” was one of those. The review I posted then has never been more than … Continue reading “More Pearls of Wisdom”

Amazon UK excels itself.

Just in time for a little light reading on the long flight Amazon UK delivered this morning two books I ordered only on Saturday morning – ordinary letter post delivery too. Susan Blackmore’s “Consciousness – An Introduction”, plus Bennett & Hacker’s “Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience”. The former from the author of “Meme Machine”, the latter … Continue reading “Amazon UK excels itself.”

Exception to my “No Religion” rule

It’s quite a struggle to avoid religion, party politics and war in a public blog in today’s climate – but they do cloud points being made, despite their undoubted relevance to life, the universe and everything. I lost it with posters on the MoQ discussion board recently when the number of people starting from positions … Continue reading “Exception to my “No Religion” rule”

Scientific Truth

A main thread of mine is that apparently scientifically justified rationale is often way off the mark when it comes to the truth of any human-scale issue. I blogged last year a debate involving Steve Jones and George Monbiot, on the non-scientific aspects of scientific claims. To have faith in rational scientific argument is of … Continue reading “Scientific Truth”

White (Quantum) Supremacists

Keep getting cross-search-hits with an organisation called s_t_o_r_m_f_r_o_n_t – no-link / disguised here to avoid linking / hits and providing the oxygen of publicity. Dreadful mentality these people (evil anti-islam propaganda forum in the current world climate), but the common ground is the Aryan (Proto-Indo-European) cultural origins, and the Vedic / Sanskrit sources of Hindu … Continue reading “White (Quantum) Supremacists”

The Edge – World Question Centre 2003

The Edge – World Question Centre 2003 – The latest offering from the Digerati of the Third Culture [via John Robb]. Though provoking if a little deliberately over-hyped as per the original Reality Club concept, edited by John Brockman. Actually this collection is generally a little sad, patronising, and cloyingly patriotic, if predictable – too … Continue reading “The Edge – World Question Centre 2003”