Before the Big Bang ?

When watching last week’s BBC Horizon, I was disappointed to see the singularity and inflation still at the root of big bang theories. That’s despite the fact that two key subjects were brought up very early – causation itself (which is actually not discussed further), and the logical problem with the idea of time itself … Continue reading “Before the Big Bang ?”

China Wrecked Copenhagen

Hat tip to Sam for this Guardian link. Interesting in its own right and interesting given Sam’s downer on Obama in favour of his sweetheart Palin – when it is clear that both posess quality. (And a great comment thread on this preceding George Monbiot post.) And for this… global political issues are psychological not … Continue reading “China Wrecked Copenhagen”

Cultural Psychotherapy ?

Since I see most problems as “evolutionary psychology” at root, you’ll not be surprised that I see a solution looking something like “cultural psychotherapy”, though the jury is still out on how to adminster the treatment. It was Alastair McIntosh in “Hell and High Water” (Chap 9) that prescribed “cultural psychotherapy” quoted here by Rowan … Continue reading “Cultural Psychotherapy ?”


Having (mostly) read Diamond’s Collapse recently, and noticing the various G8 stories (Japan today, China, India, etc ongoing as well as US, Russia and the rest of us in the same boat) about climate change controls, carbon emissions targets, agreements, and the like, I can’t help feeling the No.1 global sustainability issue is population – … Continue reading “Population”

Hitler’s Virtues ?

Few of us would defend Hitler as virtuous, in fact few would see him as anything other than “evil”. Adolf Hitler loved dogs and brushed his teeth, but that doesn’t mean we should hate dogs and stop brushing our teeth. Says Jared Diamond quoting a friend in “Collapse – How Societies Choose to Fail or … Continue reading “Hitler’s Virtues ?”

Topical Sustainability

Just happen to be reading Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” – only a couple of chapters beyond the intros – Montana and Polynesia so far. Noticed this news item about sustainability of irrigation in NW India. Good read, Diamond’s book, but quite a straightforward message, I think. Natural or man-made, sustainable success or failure is always a two-way causal … Continue reading “Topical Sustainability”

Pirsig Memorabilia

Being sold on e-Bay, Nancy Pirsig’s motorcycle jacket. This leather jacket belongs to the ex-wife of author Robert Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance), whose married name was Nancy Pirsig. She is selling it because she doesn’t need it, since she now lives in a warm climate and no longer rides a motorcycle. … Continue reading “Pirsig Memorabilia”

Words of Gore

Heard “Al” at the Oscars last night, and have to agree he’s a natural. Particularly taken with his closing remarks “People all over the world – we need to solve the climate crisis. It’s not a political issue, it’s a moral issue,” he said. “We have everything we need to get started with the possible … Continue reading “Words of Gore”