Kenan Malik – The Dream of Reason Part II

Somewhat begrudgingly I noted that the Kenan Malik I was reading was very good. In fact having now finished it, I can say it is truly excellent, probably the only disappointment is that his conclusion primes us for an exhilarating ride, without risking giving any advice on the best strategy. I was sceptical at the … Continue reading “Kenan Malik – The Dream of Reason Part II”

Science is an Appeal to Authority

Science is an appeal to authority, but where does that authority come from? An interesting Guardian piece by Graham Redfearn on Naomi Oreskes (with a TED Talk of hers at the bottom) There really is no scientific method. Inductive of hypotheses and predictions, true, but actually a rare case Deductive of observed evidence, true, but … Continue reading “Science is an Appeal to Authority”

Evidence of Big Bang Flaws?

I’m not an expert cosmologist, nor even a physicist. And as someone already said in a comment in the thread that posed me the above question, few people in such threads are actually experts. [Aside: I’ve probably 120 posts over 14 years on this blog alone highlighting sources of doubt – eg arising from CMBR … Continue reading “Evidence of Big Bang Flaws?”

Cosmic Custodianship

One to watch later from IAI TV. Now having watched: Polly Higgins – all true, but mostly irrelevant, except the basic point “we” must take our responsibility for the planet, a duty of care. Bjorn Lomborg – hits the point. A polarising debate between doomsayers and deniers is the last thing we need. Ultimately, like … Continue reading “Cosmic Custodianship”

Everybody Wants a Revolution

Whenever I hear people talking about the need for a revolution, I need to look in their eyes and see what they are really thinking by that word “revolution” before I think “careful what you wish for”. Bankers and capitalism / globalisation / consumerism generally; Democratic, parliamentary government; Standards in education and academe; Press and … Continue reading “Everybody Wants a Revolution”

Common Sense – Global Warming

I’m not a climate sceptic, but I’m a sceptic of “science reporting (claiming)” of global warming or any other non-local-closed-system global / cosmic events. Interesting that the journalist here, David Shukman,  can make a point out of “X is common sense, but I’ve never heard a scientist actually claim it before” (X here being the … Continue reading “Common Sense – Global Warming”

Science Body Politic

Interesting link from Sam (at Elizaphanian) by Judith Curry “Climate Change – no consensus on consensus“. The issue is to escape the denial, and simply recognize the big science decisions – to agree or criticize with “findings” are not scientific, they are political, tactical, strategic, etc … value-based. The key IPCC consensus finding from its … Continue reading “Science Body Politic”

Humans – the A in AGW

The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic (Richard Muller) in the NYT, via BBC. Call me a converted skeptic. Three years ago I identified problems in previous climate studies that, in my mind, threw doubt on the very existence of global warming. Last year, following an intensive research effort involving a dozen scientists, I concluded that … Continue reading “Humans – the A in AGW”