#Disestablishment again

Good to hear Rabbi Lord Sacks piece on BBC R4 Today this morning. Plenty of doomed to repeat history if we don’t appreciate it angles to the current Syria / Iraq / Iran sectarianism between Sunni vs Shia and comparisons with divided mono-theistic histories generally. His primary point however – disestablishment. Civil rule cannot, must … Continue reading “#Disestablishment again”

Losing the Plot @BHAhumanists

Heard Sacks on BBC Sunday, talking sense as usual. Not really digested this yet. Contentious, was equating trust with religion – with which I have no problem – religion / trust is what binds “us” together. Only question is who is “us” and the nature of the “bondage”. In essence I agree with Sacks point … Continue reading “Losing the Plot @BHAhumanists”

Atheism Needs Religion

I agree with Mr Sacks, the Chief Rabbi, with maybe minor (but very significant) adjustments inserted: Atheism has failed [is failing]. Only religion [or a more enlightened atheism] can defeat the new barbarians. Certainly my main agenda for some years has been that New Atheism has won the puerile sound-bite war, but needs to up … Continue reading “Atheism Needs Religion”

I Don’t Believe It !

Listening now to Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed … quoting Emily Dickinson’s “Brain is Wider than the Sky”. Not an original idea, but Bryan Appleyard uses it as the title of his latest work. A veritable meme. Actually drawn to this edition of TA by Laurie’s introduction: “Bryan Appleyard and John Gray on why simple solutions … Continue reading “I Don’t Believe It !”

Uncle Tungsten

This sad news story reminded me I had recently read Oliver Sacks childhood memoir Uncle Tungsten – Memories of a Chemical Boyhood Reminded me of myself, even the Nitrogen Iodide trick, though I never went so far as to get a fume-cupboard installed in the home. This book underlies everything else Dr Sacks has written, … Continue reading “Uncle Tungsten”

Brain Connections

Spooky experience today …  I was immersed in my new UK rail (north-east), “free” wi-fi, new HP laptop, new iPhone, blogging, facebook, work-email, learning experience, from Darlington en-route to Kings Cross, Heathrow, Terminal 3, SAS to Stavanger business travel, when the seat beside me was occupied at York by someone reading Sacks “Man Who Mistook … Continue reading “Brain Connections”