Would Science Consider This Blasphemous ?

Interesting post from Sam Norton. A thoughtful Christian positioning on recent “blasphemy furies”. Amongst other things I was taken by this quote from Rene Girard. “The invention of science is not the reason that there are no longer witch-hunts, but the fact that there are no longer witch-hunts is the reason that science has been … Continue reading “Would Science Consider This Blasphemous ?”

Organisational Effectiveness

Also from Mark Federman, a piece on research he is doing on organisational effectiveness. The point that interested me, apart from the general parallel with my agenda, and my earlier dissertation is his focus on Chris Argyris “espoused theories” concept – ie the idea that they are different to actual “theories in use”. Something I’ve … Continue reading “Organisational Effectiveness”

Political Correctness Disguises Facts

Here it’s the debate about the “right to offend” sparked by the recent Sikh religious debate over the content of the play at the Birmingham Rep. This is at the highest political / public / human / artistic rights level, but Chris Argyris showed that avoidance of offence (and embarrassment) was at the root of … Continue reading “Political Correctness Disguises Facts”

Managing Hypocrisy

I’ve not yet finished reading Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” – great 14th century murder mystery with philosophers, inquisitors and church leaders thrown in – hard to spot where fact ends and fiction starts … anyway the point is I’ve also just received and started reading the 2nd edition (2002) of Nils Brunsson’s “The Organization … Continue reading “Managing Hypocrisy”

Informal Education

Informal Education – Been browsing the INFED site since I linked to their Argyris biography earlier. As well as the site’s own collection of educational content, it is dedicated to promoting the idea of informal education & lifelong learning, and other resources on the subject of education and learning. It’s heavily based around a 1997 … Continue reading “Informal Education”

Putting Humans Back in the Traffic Loop

At last …. blogged about this over a year ago, when BBC Radio 4 “Today” reported on a Dutch experiment to do away with traffic signs and road markings, and just leave the drivers to it. Sounds irrational, but it’s proven that there are less accidents and more courtesy, because the humans have to use … Continue reading “Putting Humans Back in the Traffic Loop”


Synthesia. A blog by Watford-based Julian Elve, not one I’d seen before. Looks interesting contentwise and he seems to have got himself organised catogory-wise using MT. Must return to that particular task soon. Has has a thread on Action Research (a la Argyris ?) which I must take a look at, and another on Pattern … Continue reading “Synesthesia”

Conflicting Models of Learning and Knowledge

Conflicting Models of Learning and Knowledge – Excellent analysis from Oliver Wrede at Seblogging (Seb Fielder’s aggregator ?) [via McGee] (Such a tangled web it’s getting hard to distinguish whose thoughts are who’s in this analysis). Anyway [Quote] Needless to say that the same dilemma can be found in countless corporate environments, too. [Unquote] Seblogging … Continue reading “Conflicting Models of Learning and Knowledge”