Barbara Herrnstein Smith

An incomplete review, notes only from this excellent article. Hat tip to Sam Norton in his comment below. And some good links in the piece, eg to Stanley Fish. Explanation … avoiding reductionism. Terry Lectures on video – nb Terry Eagleton joke ? “It was I felt, characteristic of the delightfully informal nature of American society … Continue reading “Barbara Herrnstein Smith”

The Four Horsemen

Or “Ditchkins” as Eagleton would have them. Came across this (Part 2 of 10) because of the quote about … “separating the numinous from the supernatural” … on this Wikipedia page. I was in fact trying to track down the Greek / Latin split in the etyomology of Numen / Noumena – both clearly about … Continue reading “The Four Horsemen”

Beyond The Edge

Followed a series of links from Johnnie Moore (on more reflective, indirect approach to “problem solving” when the situation is complex and the “problem” itself not at all clear – reminded me of Terry Eagleton’s “C-Word” reaction to the macho “can do” mentality). Peter Block …  we have a deeply held belief that the way … Continue reading “Beyond The Edge”

Cultural Psychotherapy ?

Since I see most problems as “evolutionary psychology” at root, you’ll not be surprised that I see a solution looking something like “cultural psychotherapy”, though the jury is still out on how to adminster the treatment. It was Alastair McIntosh in “Hell and High Water” (Chap 9) that prescribed “cultural psychotherapy” quoted here by Rowan … Continue reading “Cultural Psychotherapy ?”

Reading Catch-Up

After finishing and blogging posts about Hilary Lawson’s “Closure” and Jared Diamond’s “Collapse”, I realized I’d read a few other books recently that I hadn’t mentioned yet. After reading and enjoying the Booker-of-Bookers, Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” a few years ago, I also tried but struggled with his “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”.  Recently … Continue reading “Reading Catch-Up”

Schoolyard Atheists

Hitchens and Dawkins that is, according to Terry Eagleton in this NYT review of his “Reason, Faith and Revolution” by Stanley Fish. Linked via a great piece from Ben Goertzl. Don’t entirely agree with Ben. OK, so the philosophical / metaphysical questions like “why is there something rather than nothing” are not exactly “theological” questions – … Continue reading “Schoolyard Atheists”

Collecting Rorty Links

Wild Orchids and Trotsky – readable witty autobiographical essay (blogged earlier) A Talent for Bricolage – Joshua Knobe’s interview with Rorty Richard Rorty’s homepage at Stanford – limited site, but comprehensive bibliography Terry Eagleton on Rorty – DeLong’s review of Illusions of Postmodernism Google’s directory listing for Rorty Web Companion to Pragmatism includes interviews with … Continue reading “Collecting Rorty Links”